The 10x Developer and You

I'm in the mood for sarcastic graphs. I think (I hope) that the idea of the "10x" developer is not an astonishingly new and radical one. People in the upper quartile of the profession are not proportionately better than those in the bottom quartile, they're orders of magnitude better. But »

Thoughts on Interviewing

I think I'm destined to always be an iconoclast when it comes to interviews. Not quite so much as the days when "let's ask programmers some questions about programming" was a controversial idea, but I still find that when I introduce people to the way I do things they're sceptical »

Thoughts on team leadership and metrics

I realise that in four or so years of this site I've never talked properly about team leadership, which is a bit of an omission given how much time I've devoted to organisational design and how closely the two are related. I'm going to split this across a few articles »

The Unreasonable Speed of Rust

Rust is fast. No, not the systems language - I'm talking about rust in the sense of losing skills in programming languages when you're no longer actively working in them. I've spent a bit of this week getting back up to speed with JavaScript. A couple of the teams I »

Two Transformation Questions

What exactly is a transformation? Is it "go to the cloud" or "be Agile" or "containerise the things"? Despite the number of organisations which state those as their goals, I'd say it isn't. Those examples are merely means to an end. They're often a part of transformation, but they're not »